Thursday, July 30, 2015

Just Keep Shambling...

When I was a kid I use to run a lot. I loved it. My favorite time of year in elementary was track and field.  In Minnesota the best time to run was Autumn, the grass crunches under your feet, you can hear the wind, fall leaves abound and it was crisp you could feel your lungs when you breathed in. At least that's how it was when  I was young.
I don't know what happened in high school, but I didn't run as much. I felt like everyone was better or faster. I spent a lot of time at block 8 in the dark room. I will forever be grateful to Brother Coffey for being a patient intro to arts and photography teacher, and high school is a blog for another day.
When I got to Hawaii there was the ocean, I spent a lot of time in the water or near the water. I wasn't some super athlete by any stretch of the imagination, but it was a good place to be. I still didn't run regularly and if I did it was down the beach in short sprints.
I've always felt better after a run. There is a whole lot of science to explain why someone feels better after exercise. I don't think we are meant to sit still. Yet for a multitude of reasons I feel into the trap of sitting still.
I haven't been running in a while, and I'm trying to start up again. As I write this I've gone out running two days in a row. However, when I say running I more mean shambling. A combination of sprinting, walking, jogging and putting one foot after the other. Consistency and me have never been bedfellows.
I've decided this is something I will do and need as a part of my life. I may not be consistent but I am stubborn. One thing that has been helpful for me is a running app I discovered a little while back, Zombies Run!  The premise of the game is you are a runner in a post apocalyptic world you go out gather supplies and complete missions. Then from those supplies you get to build your base. The story line is engaging the characters endearing. It's broken down into seasons and they are working on season 4 at the moment. In season 1 there was one cliff hanger that got me and I ended up doing a second mission that day. It also keeps pretty decent stats, how far you've gone, where you've been, how long your average mile or Kilometer was over the course of the mission. You can also choose to share as little or as much information from the app on whatever social media platform you happen to use. Today's mission will consists of rescuing some folks from a cruise ship. Works for me.
Do you shamble, Run, Walk briskly? Tips on getting moving are welcomed. There is only so much I can find out from google.

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