Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Works in Progress

     This past November I dallied with the idea of participating in national write a novel month (nanowrimo).  I started with an idea that I had my senior year of high school. Then life happened, my daughter learned how to walk and a few days later learned to run. At the time I was still involved with a couple of other project that devoured my time. November came and went and I kept writing. 8 months later and a grand total of 50000 words I finished my novel. Now in July I've done the first rough edit of the piece and I'll begin trying to find readers for feedback and editing.
     The last time I wrote anythng creative was my senior year of college and before that a badly written spy novel when I was 12. There are a few things that I've always wanted to be when I grow up. One of them was a writer. So I've started working on projects that fall in the realm of steampunk and fantasy and I'm going to start taking every opportunity to write and read as much as I can. So if you have something that needs reading or have any interest in reading what I've been working on let me know!

Works in Progress
The Clockwork Eye  
Synopsis; A pirate, socialite, escort and gypsy take on one of the major crime syndicates operating in London.
Current status; in Edit.

The Retriever 
Current storyline; Retriever's go and collect overdue library books by any means necessary.
Current Status; Writing first draft.

The Verbalist
Current Status; building the world. No longer holds my interest

The Prism Throne
Current Status; building the Mythos for the world.