Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Under Construction

In the past week I've put down about 7'000 words on a novel I've been toying with for about a year. It's finally starting to come together.
On top of that another 1'000 on a travel memoir and log about New Zealand. I wonder what people would like to know about New Zealand or traveling.

I'm a writer!

I've entered the NYC Short Story Competition which starts Friday. Anxious and excited and can't wait for the challenge and feedback. The last time I put something out there for critique was well my University days. At the point I wasn't in a place to really handle any sort of criticism constructive or otherwise. I'm hopping into a strange new world here as I learn to accept and use it.

I'll be heading to LTUE in February. The panels look good and I'm hoping to see some familiar faces while meeting some new folks. Can you imagine being a presenter on a panel? That has to be terrifying and awesome rolled into a pudgy ball of you have no idea what your audience is going to think and in some cases do.

Of course I continue to read. Reading has always been my great escape. Right now I'm lost in a steampunk world of Mechanized Masterpieces A Steampunk Anthology.

There is also a lot of back room things going on. Debating about what social media to get involved with or avoid, in some cases running, as quickly as possible in the opposite direction.
Self Promotion isn't a bad thing but it seems more genuine for me if you seek out meaningful connections.  I'm building a website and going through the great debate of building it myself which I have a shaky knowledge at best of, or wordpress which I am comfortable with but has it limits. The great thing about a website is you can do whatever you want, and that is also the danger.

Then the question of content... I'm thinking reviews, especially books and games. Challenges, Convention experiences. Suggestions welcome.

2016 is going to be amazing.