Thursday, February 11, 2016

Life The Universe and Everything Symposium Day 1

This conference is amazing. LTUE is the annual Symposium for Fantasy and Science Fiction with the focus being on creators. Today I got to interact with some of my favorite writers and met some amazing people from the industry. I think for once I managed to keep being star struck down to a minimum.

Wordfire Press has put together a great swag bag for attendees. Including a copy of Mythica A Quest for Heroes. In the dealer room many of the authors are also present to talk and discuss their books.

A sample of panels I attended today;

Tolkien Won a Marvel NO-Prize
Dragons of Myth and Legend
Third Person P.O.V
Marketing on a Budget
Unfinished Business
Selling Short Stories
Writing Action Sequences

Reoccurring piece of advice, write. I love this conference because everyone there is either a creator or a fan of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

If you are in the Provo area there are two more days of LTUE. They have day registration. If not plan on it for next year because it's amazing.

Need sleep. What a great day.

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