Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Calamity Release!

Last week Tuesday I got to volunteer at the release for Calamity. The final in The Reckoners series. I love volunteering at these events!

Some volunteers end up on book prep. Which means you flap all the books. If it is a numbered event you line them up and add the number. They get signed before the event start and it's amazing how quickly this happens. There is a bit of lifting and moving. From the box to the shelf and eventually to an eager fan. You may have noticed the volunteers were running around in the  Reckoners shirts.

1 of 3 carts.

The great thing about going to these events is the other fans. I hear the best fan theories, questions and ideas bounce around the room. There are always a few clever costumed fans. There were a couple of Prof.'s with some impressive glowing glove setups. There was a fan wearing a bridge four temporary tattoo. Really a cool group of people discussing awesome things.

Despite being sick.

If you have been at any of the tour events for Calamity you may have notice that Brandon Sanderson has intermittently had a voice.  The reading from the Stormlight Archive had to happen over the Barnes and Noble PA system. The thoughts for the evening focused on choices and decision making.

Volunteering also includes line duty. If you were there I was that lady with the loud obnoxious voice calling 1,2,3 for pictures. There were some great questions that I would've never thought to ask. I love listening to what people ask about. The majority of my focus though was spent on keeping the line moving.

One kid who stood out to me was in line for his brother. He was such a trooper and waited about two hours. When he did get to the top of the line his mother happened to have his brother on the phone. Sanderson took a moment to talk to him. Every interaction is genuine. It's wonderful. 

After last call for signing there was another great moment. A former student of Brandon Sanderson's came up he had signed a three book deal with Hyperion he had a galley copy of his book. The book was called, "Jed and The Junkyard War."  

I love book releases!

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