Monday, July 18, 2011

Homesick? I've got an answer.

I've been homesick... Bad. One of the few remedies I've found is food from home. 
Last night Jon made Manapua, also known as Chinese Bao or steam buns. When we lived in Hawaii one of our pastimes was making 7-11 runs, Manapua and Spam Musubi were some of our favourites. So along with those classics he has also made Kailua pork, Chicken Katsu, and Shoyu Chicken. The amazing thing about Jon is it seems like every dish he tries to make turns out amazing. I can manage in the kitchen but Jon has it developed into an art. Home doesn't seem so far away when one of these dishes is in front of me.
We have a little japanese store not to far from us (Uwajimaya) We've found all sorts of goodies here. From li hing mui gummi apples, to Milo! Food from New Zealand is a little harder to come by hence my excitment over Milo which is a chocolate drink mix found throughout most of the south pacific. Also biscuits like Tim Tam's have started showing up on the mainland. They can only ship them to the U.S. during the winter cause they tend to melt in transit but it's great that they are available.  Also my little sisters live in Australia at the moment, and when they can they send me lollies and dark forest chocolate. 
I'd post pictures of all this, but it's normally gone by the time I think too.
I'm hoping in the near future Jon and I will be able to go back to Hawaii to at least visit, and I still need to take Jon to N.Z. 
Just thought I'd share.

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  1. Ahhh... I miss Hawaii sometimes too, but it is not the same because it was home to you a lot longer than it was for me. Glad you started posting again.